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Please note the criteria listed on this page are guidelines only. Nothing contained on this site shall be construed an an offer to purchase or sell any property of any kind.

Our time is precious, as is yours; limiting the properties you submit for our consideration to those which fall generally within these guidelines will save wasted time and effort all around.

Please submit suitable properties for our consideration to:

Brokers: Welcome. We'd love to consider your listings, but please reach out before adding our email to your regular mailing list.

Property Acquisitions

Below, please find our preferred acquisition criteria:
(click each for further clarification)
Preferably in the Southeast


Perhaps other states if property particularly compelling.

We're not afraid of small markets, provided the economic drivers are convincing.

At present, our interest is limited to commercial properties located in the 48 continental United States.

6.00% CAP or Better

If your property merits a lower CAP, kudos; however it won't be a fit for us.

Priced between $1.5M and $6.0M

Under $450 p.s.f.

We may stray from this range if a property is compelling, but not very far.

5K-20K LEASABLE sq.ft.

Our interest in anything much bigger or smaller than this range is extremely limited.

2005 construction, or newer

Older only in cases where physical condition of improvements is exceptionally good. Old roofs bring imminent costs which we expect pricing to reflect.

Retail positioned

All tenants need not strictly be retailers, per se.

if property is buried in an office or industrial park, we're probably not interested.

Multi-Tenant strongly preferred

We prefer building(s) able to accommodate 3 tenants or more; presently occupied by, at fewest, 2 tenants.

Anchor with at least regional recognition; or a strong shadow anchor. (or pseudo-shadow anchor, if the traffic visibility benefit appears sustainable)

Net Leases preferred

Although we're not afraid of a bit of Gross in the mix

In-place Occupancy > 75%

We'd rather have near term lease expirations than existing vacancy.

Serious rehab/value-add projects are not on our menu at the present time.