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Marino Equity Partners, LLC is a private real estate concern whose principals possess extensive experience and expertise across a broad spectrum of commercial real estate activities.

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Marino Equity Partners

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Private Investment

Exclusive opportunities in limited availability. We source and place privately and have an excellent track record. Further details are not made publicly available. Interested parties may inquire further.

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Commercial Property Ownership

We actively own and operate income producing single- and multi-tenant commercial properties. Our properties are selected for strong intrinsics and we operate them conscientiously.

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Commercial Property Development

We develop and re-develop commercial property. While never averse to a prudent disposition, we always develop and renovate to a standard we'd be happy to own.

130+ Years of Experience

Collectively, our principals possess in excess of 130 years of experience in commercial real estate, finance, investment, and related activities.


Diverse In-House Capabilities

Hands-on principals who know how to do things, and do.

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Private Placement

Our deals are private. Our investors are private. Our mindset is private. We form, create, structure, and operate all our deals from inception.

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Real Estate

We know commercial real estate is NOT a commodity. Our principals have extensive experience evaluating commercial property, nationwide.

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Ground-Up Development

We have experience in funding and directly managing ground-up commercial development and also in working with other developers.

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We have successfully converted, retrofitted, and/or renovated both single and multi tenant commercial properties, reimagining property design, aesthetic and tenanting.

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Partnership Administration

Administering partnerships, managing partner communication and reporting, and frequent, regular distribution of income to partners have been at the core of our activities for four decades.

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Information Management

Our proprietary information management systems are developed in-house. We are continuously expanding, enhancing, and refining both in-office and digital data management.

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Our principals directly handle lease preparation and negotiation. We draft leases from experience, not cookie cutter forms, and negotiate with an aim toward mutual success.

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Property Management

All phases of property management are thoughtfully overseen by our principals to improve our properties over time whilst respecting and responding directly to tenant needs and concerns.

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Ideation and Creative

From photographing properties, to designing deal and leasing materials, to this website itself, we handle much of our creative work in-house.

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We can consult in a wide range of areas pertaining to commercial property.

Photo of a modern-style Dunkin' Donuts with drive-thru and patio.Multi-tenant shopping center with many cars in parking lot.A three-tenant shopping center featuring MattressFirm, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Aspen Dental.Photo of a multi-tenant shopping center from an angle with endcap tenant, Jersey Mike's, in focus at right.Photo of a multi-tenant commercial shopping center with sign in right foreground.

Our present area of focus is small to medium commercial shopping centers. We also have extensive experience in single-tenant and net leases.

Let’s Do Business

We're always considering new prospects.

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Who We Are

We're Multi-Generational

Our principals bring the perspectives of several different generations to the table.

We're Invested

With multiple working lifetimes of effort and substantial capital committed, we've got skin-in-the-game in every deal we do.

We're Personal

We endeavor to a bring a high standard of care and attention to our partners, tenants, and properties. When special circumstances and exigencies arise we approach each thoughtfully and with open minds.

We're Flexible

Properties are unique, communities are unique, tenancies are unique. We work with some of the biggest tenants and some of the smallest. We acquire properties located in markets of any size. We gladly welcome Partners from most walks of life.

We're Patient

Experience has taught us not to chase. If the deal is not right, we decline. We pursue acquisitions based on criteria and market conditions, not quotas or calendars.

We're Unconventional

The only trend we're interested in following is our own trend of success.

We're The Marinos

Which Marinos?

Our Partners know.
Our Tenants know.
Our Bankers know.
Our Brokers know.
Our Builders know.

Feeling left out? Get in touch.

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130+ Years Experience
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Nationwide Perspective
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Private, and staying Private
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Our Real Estate

Our present focus is on the acquisition of retail properties; preferably net-leased, multi-tenant shopping centers located in AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, or TX.
We will also consider ground-up development of single and multi-tenant properties.
We're quite selective and have rather high standards but always open-minded to exploring new opportunities.

Selling Commercial Property?
Peruse our acquisition criteria in the slider below;
Visit our Acquisition Criteria Page

Looking to Buy?
Please contact us with your acquisition criteria.

In doubt? Check out FAQ and don’t hesitate to contact us.

Preferred Acquisition Criteria


$1.5M - 6.0M

// under $450 p.s.f.

6% and above

// on in-place N.O.I.

5,000 - 20,000 sq.ft.

// Leasable Area

Multi-Tenant preferred

// Strong anchor or shadow

Retail; Net-Leased preferred

// considered case-by-case

Southeastern U.S. preferred

// U.S. Property, please
We're proud to have a history including many of the nation's prominent tenant brands:

...among many others.

We invite tenants interested in exploring current availabilites to please visit Marino.lease.
Those interested in anticipated availabilities and/or build-to-suit opportunities, please get in touch.
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